Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Indoor Wall Fountains

Solace Falls Indoor Rock Waterfall Fountain - $ 14999.00
Water features and fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home. The Solace Falls Indoor Rock Waterfall Fountain will be a stunning addition to your decor.

Custom Indoor Wall Fountains

Bestow your interior with the majesty of moving water using the Solace Falls indoor rock waterfall fountain from Exalted Fountains. This is one of our largest stock water fountains available. Measuring approximately nine feet wide and eight feet tall ensures that you get plenty of waterfall sound and visual effect with the Solace. The regular flow of water on this wall waterfall is stunning as it cascades down the natural stone face. Each stone is chosen for exceptional beauty and integrity making each fountain a one of a kind work of art. Select a stainless steel frame with or without artwork. Every waterfall is an original with its own distinctive shading, coloring, texture and frame art which may change from the example photos. The transformation of a silent home area into a comforting natural environment that is rich with sound is remarkable. Indoor fountains are the fastest developing trend in interior design.

Wall fountains will add a element of stylishness and splendor to any decor whether it is in your bedroom, living room or den. Wall mounted fountains are an brilliant choice for adding visual charm to a wall that would otherwise be drab or ordinary. Water fountains fill the room with the delightful sounds of cascading water that rejuvenate the mind and spirit. The sight and sound of a water feature can establish a soothing ambience. Wall water fountains are one of the most elegant methods to bring nature's purest substance, water, with its relaxing sights and sounds into your environment.

With hammering artwork the sculptor places little indentations into the metal which when completed are associated in the minds eye to appear as fantastic designs moving across the metal exterior.

Adding autofill and drain ability to this water sculpture is doable and comes with several benefits. An autofill system enables the water to be filled as needed without you having to keep an eye on the water level and put in water manually. The drain system enables the water to be drained from the fountain which ensures that you always have clean water. After the water is drained out the autofill senses the low water level and automatically refills it with clean water. There are also timer solenoids which can be positioned on the line which can be programmed to fill and drain the water sculpture at a specific times. This fountain comes standard as a manually filled fountain, so please call us if you are interested in ordering it with the autofill features.